Redondo Beach

Don't you just love denim crop tops and summer days? The sky was deceivingly gloomy as I left my house so I paired this long sleeve crop top with a black maxi skirt thinking to offset the cold ocean breeze. Boy was I wrong, it ended up being a scorcher in Redondo.
I can barely remember the last time I visited this place. So I was taken by surprise as we walked upon the beach and there were rows and rows of fresh seafood (yes, most were still alive in their tanks). Just imagine a buffet line of live seafood where you get to pick out what you'd like for the chefs to take out of the tanks and cook in front of you as you continue down the line. I do admit that I felt bad gazing down at my soon to be lunch and I almost couldn't go through with it, but it was definitely the most delicious seafood I have ever eaten. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone if you're located close enough to give it a try. Be that as it may, I'm not too sure if my conscience would allow me to come back =/


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